Short-staffed team working hard to meet deadline

By July 27, 2007

International (MNN) — The past year and a half have been filled with planning, research, writing and drawing for a team of people from Operation Mobilization's Greater Europe team.

They are working on a comic book called "Light in the Darkness." To make it as realistic and relevant as possible, the team spent a lot of time researching the lifestyle, people and scenery of their future readers.  he final copy will be a 32-page book translated into 12 different languages.

The future readers of the book will be from places like Bosnia and other strong Muslim areas.  Little-known people groups that practice folk religion will get copies of the comic book as well.  Translations for all these people groups are slowly being completed.   

Some languages cost more than others to produce, but the final project costs are estimated at $100,000. That means each book will cost about $2.50. 

The artists have a challenge before them as they must nurture their creativity under the pressure of a deadline. They'd like to have the final copy ready for the printer by the end of 2007. Current staff shortages make the project more difficult with such a varied list of tasks ahead of them. The team has shifted and reorganized, however, to fill vacancies in the work crew.

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