Short-term mission trip opportunity: Lebanon

By August 19, 2016

Lebanon (MNN) — About one in five people living in Lebanon is a refugee. That’s according to Dyann Romeijn of Vision Beyond Borders who says that despite the trials these people are facing, they are perhaps for the first time encountering eternal hope.

Image courtesy of Vision Beyond Borders.

(Image courtesy of Vision Beyond Borders)

That’s because many of the refugees come from countries where it is dangerous to have anything to do with the Gospel.

But in Lebanon, a Muslim-majority country, you can talk openly about the Gospel. You can own a Bible without worrying about government intervention.

“It gives a unique opportunity to reach these people who’ve continually lived in closed countries and never had access to the Bible, to actually get them freely and openly,” she says.

VBB has a few partners in-country who are helping them distribute Bibles and audio Scriptures in the appropriate languages.

One of these partners, Horizon International, has been working in the area for years. But with the refugee crisis, they’ve seen an incredible harvest of believers. Many people have been given a Bible to learn more about Jesus.

Image courtesy of Vision Beyond Borders.

(Image courtesy of Vision Beyond Borders)

Romeijn says, “They were able to share with us pictures of what their Bibles look like after just a week, and these Bibles were all marked up and they had questions. It’s more than just handing out Bibles. They’re truly hungry for the truth of the Gospel. They’re hungry for the Word, they’re hungry for discipleship and understanding of the Word.”

Even more exciting? These same people are raising up their own missionaries to go back to their own countries and tell people about Jesus.

Want to be a part of this?

VBB will be coordinating a short-term mission trip to Lebanon next spring. The trip will focus on discipleship and Bible distribution along with some Bible studies with the refugee families.

Keep checking here to see when the trip details are posted. Alternatively, you can contact Vision Beyond Borders.

Romeijn asks you to pray that God would bring together the right team for this trip, and that He would accomplish His purpose through the visit.

You can also support the Bible project here.


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