Short-term missions teams serving refugees at US-Mexico border

By March 1, 2023

North America (MNN) — If you have a heart for refugees, please pray for short-term missions teams headed to the US-Mexico border with e3 Partners.

e3 Partners has been serving refugees in McAllen, Texas, and Reynosa, Mexico, for almost two years now.

It’s part of their e3 Espanol initiative to reach Spanish speakers with the message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

(Photo courtesy of e3 partners)

Brad Prizer, e3’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, says, “Through e3 Espanol, we had our teams of people going down there, and they’re actually being able to go into these refugee camps and, through some of our simple Gospel-sharing tools, share the Gospel with them.”

As Prizer puts it, the nations are coming to us. “Thousands of refugees are coming into the country through Mexico that are refugees from many different countries, even people coming over from parts of Europe that are under siege right now. It’s becoming fertile ground for us to share the Gospel.”

But e3 Espanol isn’t just about sharing the Gospel with Spanish speakers. It’s also about equipping the Hispanic Church to reach the nations with Gospel conversations training.

Even new believers in the refugee camps are trained to share their faith with others around them!

“They become believers and they say, ‘Well, train me on how to do that.’ So literally, after 15 minutes of training somebody on how to use this tool, they got up and went to somebody else they didn’t know and shared the Gospel with that person after being trained for 15 minutes. So that’s how simple it can be,” Prizer says.

“That was so encouraging to us to see that new converts are already using these tools, and they couldn’t wait to share it with the next person that they saw there in the camp.”

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

The e3 missions teams will be at the US-Mexico border from March 23-26 and April 20-23. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of refugees to hear the Gospel!

You don’t have to speak Spanish to go on a missions trip with e3 Espanol. The ministry arranges translators to join each team.

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Header photo shows e3 Partners with immigrants in Reynosa. (Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

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