Short-term trips can help set a different priority for students’ lives.

By January 2, 2007

USA (MNN) — Helping students become “water aware” was one reason that brought Living Water Canada’s Barry Hart to the Urbana ’06 convention last week. Hart was there representing Living Water International, one group of more than two hundred mission groups represented at Urbana ’06.

Hart says it was exciting to see more than 22,000 students in attendance, and even more excited that 10 percent of those were Canadian. In part, Living Water was there to recruit students for short-term trip opportunities in Latin America.

Living Water drills wells to provide clean water to those without it. But it doesn’t take experts in well-drilling, says Hart, but people simply with a heart to serve. “But basically our people are smooth-skinned, clean-fingernail people who don’t know anything about well-drilling. But once they’ve been, we teach them, they see how they can do it, they can make a difference, and by helping out somebody else, besides giving the village clean water, you realize that God’s blessing you more than you imagine. So, anybody can do it, just a willing heart.”

A short-term trip is well worth the investment, says Hart, not just financially, but in a way that changes your life. “Any short-term mission, you get out there, it gets you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a good discomfort. And when you come home you realize how God has blessed you, and you realize that the folks there are blessed in their own way.

And that’s why Living Water went to Urbana ’06, to connect with students and invite them into the blessing of service. “I think if a young person, from what they see on a short-term mission, like Living Water, if they see the difference they can make in the world, then that can set a different priority for their lives. So rather than saving up for that new SUV, you can be content with the older SUV and every couple years go on a mission trip.”

Find out more about Living Water International’s short-term trip opportunities by contacting them through their information listed here.

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