Short term workers are needed to help Bible translation around the world.

By October 21, 2003

USA (MNN) — Wycliffe Bible Translators is well known for its translation work. However, what does Wycliffe Associates have to do with Bible translation?

The President of Wycliffe Associates Bruce Smith tells us, “Wycliffe Associates is an avenue for ordinary Christians to use their skills in ways that assist Bible translation.” Smith says builders, accountants, auditors, computer specialists, auto mechanics, and other professionals are being used to assist Bible translators.

Smith says, “This past year we had close to 850 involved and we could really use double that number.” Smith says having short term workers tackle special building or other projects, frees the translator to do their work. He says staying focused is really important right now. “We’re in the process of increasing Bible translation six fold,” says Smith.

According to Smith they have more than 20 group trips already planned for 2004, but singles, couples and families are all welcome to help.

Smith says while some people put off traveling overseas because of conflicts around the world, many others are seeing the problems as an opportunity. Smith says, “We have about 4,000 families with Wycliffe Bible Translators that are serving around the world. So, when volunteers ask me is it safe to go, my (comment) is, if it’s safe for the Bible translators, it’s safe for us.”

200 banquet events are scheduled for this year, to help recruit more short-term workers. If you like more information go to their web site at

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