“Significant Sacrifice” coming to the U-S this Easter season

By January 15, 2007

USA (MNN) — While Easter is a few months away, Lifewater International is already getting ready for a program that will help provide life-giving water in Jesus' name to people all over the world.

As Christians prepare for Easter, Lifewater's desire is to see Christans make an impact on the lives of some of the 1.1 billion people who do not have safe water and the 2.6 billion who lack the security and dignity of a simple latrine.

During the forty days before Easter, Lifewater is asking you to consider giving up your favorite beverage, food, or activity as a means of focusing on Jesus' life and sacrifice. With the money you would have otherwise spent, invest in Lifewater's work and provide safe water, adequate sanitation, hygiene education for communities in need and the Gospel message.

Carol Nowlin participated in the program. She says, "Participating in Significant Sacrifice wasn't easy, but it provided me with a daily reminder to refocus my attentions on Christ and the sacrifice he made. It also helped me pause and remember the many people in our world who live in genuine need throughout the year."

Last year, the money raised from Significant Sacrifice provided 3,000 people with safe water sources. Lifewater would like to do even more this year. Click here to get connected. They'd like to do even more.

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