Similar groups now working together

By May 29, 2007

USA (MNN) — A new partnership will help two organizations with common history grow stronger.  The Reformed Church in America and Christian Reformed World Relief Committee have teamed up. 

They announced the new pact last week which means the RCA will be working with the CRWRC more closely. 

"What this means practically is probably the first phone call will be to (CRWRC)," said Reformed Christian World Service coordinator Betty Voskuil. "Here we are, first cousins, so to speak, with the same theological roots. 

In the past, the RCA has tried to work with partners other than the CRWRC. They have partnered with groups such as Lutheran Disaster Response, United Methodist Committee on Relief, and other groups.

Leaders at both organizations believe this will help them become stronger. "It's like putting two puzzle pieces together to become stronger. We plan to get behind it 100-percent," said Voskuil. Their collaboration will help disaster response to be more effective.

While CRWRC's volunteer roster currently holds the names of 2,000 people, Director of Disaster Response Services Bill Adams says, "Hopefully, I see us eventually doubling our capacity." The two organizations now have access to each other's resources. CRWRC can access RCA volunteers, and RCA can access the strength of CRWRC's organizational structure."

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