Six new missionaries appointed

By February 3, 2010

International (MNN) — In a time
when many ministries are scaling back, SEND International just appointed six
new missionaries. 

The new missionary teams will be
returning home to begin raising support for their future kingdom building work
in Spain, Ukraine, Japan and Albanian ministries. 

On the field, SEND missionaries
use a variety of outreach methods to meet unbelievers and bring them to a
saving faith in Jesus Christ. They also
work to disciple new believers so they mature into responsible, reproducing
Christians who will form reproducing churches.

It's not a process entered
lightly. SEND is committed to train,
teach and develop leaders in every place of ministry, under the accountability
and authority of the local church. Pray
that they will be able to raise their support quickly.

The ministry is always looking to
train new leaders to step up and replace those who are are either retiring or
coming home for various reasons.

SEND reports that since returning from Urbana 09 in St.
Louis, Missouri last month, there's been a lot of interest.

SEND Mobilizers are in the process of following-up with the
more than 200 students they met at the student missions conference. Several Urbana students have already submitted
long-term applications. Between the six new appointees and the students, the team is thanking God for calling more
workers into the harvest field.


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