Skybridge: Global network for Christian professionals

By October 3, 2013

International (MNN) — Are you wanting to make a global impact but can’t
because you're stuck at home with a steady job or school? There’s a brand new
solution! The International Mission Board (IMB) has created Skybridge
Community. It’s a global gathering place, and the goal is to help people
integrate their life, work, and purpose. Launched September 24, 2013, it’s an expanded online network that offers a range of tools, resources, and
ways to connect with like-minded professionals.

Scott Holste, IMB vice president for Global Strategic
Mobilization, says, “We are delighted to announce IMB’s partnership in the
launch of Skybridge Community. For the past six months, we have been working
with several of our strategic partners in the development of this global online
community, where believers representing all kinds of professions can be
encouraged and learn from one another as they explore ways of connecting their
life, work, and passion with the advance of God’s kingdom among the nations.”

Some features on the Skybridge Community Website are RightNow Media, which includes thousands
of videos designed to help you live your faith in the marketplace where God has
placed you. There are also training channels and a library of resources on
topics such as integrating faith and vocation, to living cross-culturally.

are also SkyCafes where you can start a
conversation with other professionals living in your country or region with whom you who
share a vocation interest. As the Skybridge Community grows, new SkyCafes will be added designed for
business entrepreneurs, families, educators, students, and others.

Lastly, there
are SkyBlogs which is a blog page set
up for specific interests: from money matters to using overseas public
transportation, to career transition to culture, and worldview to family

As Holste puts it, “The Skybridge Community is a
foundational piece of our Marketplace Advance strategy, helping artists,
business leaders, medical professional, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, and
others integrate vocation and mission.”

As this new networking system continues to grow,
you can make a difference by connecting with others around you and encouraging them to check
out the Skybridge Community Web site. The Skybridge tools will help you
and other Christian professionals around the world come together to make a difference in our world by getting the message of Jesus Christ out to
those in our community.



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