Slow layoffs increase uncertainty

By February 18, 2011

Cuba (MNN) — Unemployment continues to skyrocket in Cuba, but at a painfully slow rate.

Slow cut-backs should be considered a good thing, right? Probably not in this case. Forbes reports that the Cuban government's plan to fire half a million state workers is merely inching along.

According to Forbes, a lack of communication within the Labor Ministry has something to do with the trudging progress. Anxiety is high among staff who know layoffs are coming, but don't know who will be the unlucky ones to get the ax.

The increased uncertainty only adds to the problem.

Amazingly, the church in Cuba remains vibrant as ever. Recently, Global Advance was able to send its fourth team to Cuba to equip, encourage, and empower pastors and leaders there. God's grace was evident among the believers to not give into fear, especially in a atmosphere of so much unknown.

Perhaps as a result of the uncertainty, and perhaps in spite of it, the pastors and leaders at the Global Advance conference were passionate about spreading the Gospel to their people. More than 60 of the 200 attendees accepted the challenge to plant new churches, and more than 30 committed to go to unreached areas.

Economic times are tough in Cuba, but God is clearly moving among His people. Pray that many Cubans would turn to the Lord in this time of distress, and that a would-be painful time would thus turn fruitful. Pray that the pastors who committed to planting churches would follow through on their promises and trust the Lord to use them in their nation.

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