Smuggled Bibles result in spiritual harvest

By August 18, 2015
(Image courtesy VBB)

(Image courtesy VBB)

International (VBB) — Smuggled Bibles are resulting in lots of new believers in closed countries.

What follows is a recent blog post from Vision Beyond Borders (VBB) President Patrick Klein.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I met with one of our major contacts. She reported there are now 700,000 believers among a tribal group that VBB has focused on getting Bibles to for the past twenty years!

In another country nearby, there are over 25,000 believers from this tribe. God is definitely on the move. We are rejoicing in what He is doing and that we have a small part in helping provide His Word to our brothers and sisters.

We have been blessed to partner with a ministry in one of these countries to reach remote villages with the Gospel. Five years ago, many had no Gospel witness; today, there are now churches in many of these villages! We rejoice in knowing that God has watered the seed of His Word and is bringing in His end-time harvest. We see this same multiplication taking place throughout the closed countries we work in.

We have many Bibles and teaching materials that need to be delivered to the Christians in these countries. We even have someone willing to donate the materials, but we cannot keep up with the demand. We need servant-hearted people who will join a team and carry the Word of God across borders.

If you cannot personally go, would you or your church consider sponsoring someone else to go?

Unloading Bibles.  (Image courtesy VBB)

Unloading Bibles.
(Image courtesy VBB)

Throughout the New Testament, we see Paul asking the believers to help other believers who were persecuted or in need. I am appealing to you on their behalf; please consider helping us deliver God’s Word to those in need.

We have Bible delivery trips scheduled almost every month, and most are flexible in length.

I sincerely believe that times are changing, and we may only have a short window of time to get God’s Word into closed nations. Please pray for us, that God will open the borders before us so that we can deliver His Word to those in need.

God bless you,

Patrick Klein

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