Snapshot Tool second printing comes to Pakistan

By June 12, 2018

Pakistan (MNN) — During his last visit to Pakistan, FMI’s Bruce Allen delivered the second printing of the Snapshot Tool packets to FMI ministry partners. The Snapshot packets are designed to help Christians share their faith with family, friends, and even the cab drivers they encounter.

Snapshot Tool Packets Delivered

When Allen met with *Emily, an FMI supported partner involved with the womens’ discipleship initiative, she raved about the Snapshot Tool she had received the previous year. In fact, she has been using it to teach other women how to share their faith, too.

Snapshot tool

Women using the Snapshot Tool packet. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

During their conversation, Emily asked Allen if she could get more Snapshot Tool Packets. Allen inquired how many she’d need. She first responded with the number 30 and ended with asking for 50 instead. Little did Emily know, Allen had 150 packets stored away to give her later that week.

“I was just pleased to hear this woman is discipling women, many of whom are illiterate, and yet the Snapshot tool doesn’t depend on text. It’s all image-based. And here’s this woman who says, ‘I’m discipling people to share their faith here in Pakistan, number five on the World Watch List for discrimination and severe persecution of Christians. And people are ready to share their faith, they just need to be empowered to do it and give us a tool’,” Allen explains.

How it Works

The Snapshot Tool is used as an ice-breaker or conversation starter. Through the culturally relevant images provided, a Christian can strike up a conversation by asking an individual which photo they relate most to.

These photos express variations of everyday life and the emotions that come with them. This allows and encourages the building blocks of a relationship to form as the Christian hears the story of the person he or she is talking to. And it’s through that relationship that both the love of Christ and His truth is tangibly and verbally shared.

Allen was also able to give additional packets to church leaders and congregations during the FMI Pakistan conferences.

“We just look forward to receiving field reports in the months ahead about how God uses these across Pakistan, just as He used the first printing last year,” Allen shares.

Be Prayerful, Be Active

Pray for Emily and the people she disciples. Ask that God would use their testimonies to open hearts and extend His grace and love to the Pakistani people. Pray also for Pakistani Christians’ creativity in ministry, encouragement, and perseverance.

Want to tangibly help? Then give to FMI’s “Tangible Resources” fund to help provide more Snapshot Tool packets in the future. A $50 gift provides one church with 10 Snapshot Tool packets. However, a gift of $100 includes not just 10 packets, but also on-site training.

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*Name changed for security reasons.

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