SOAR works with local churches to help Russian orphans

By June 18, 2019

Russia (MNN) – SOAR International Ministries is partnering with local churches to help support orphans in Russia.

SOAR uses short-term mission trips to provide orphanages with basic supplies and Bibles in their Baskets of Hope and Stuff A Stocking projects. SOAR is also able to partner with local churches to make sure children are learning God’s Word.

Today is part two of our two-part story about SOAR and their work in Russia. Click here to read part one about the Baskets of Hope project. Join us today as we look into SOAR’s work with the local church and the orphanages.

SOAR Joining with Local Churches

(Photo courtesy of SOAR)

SOAR missionary Becky Dwinnell works with children in Ryazan, Russia to deliver necessary supplies and gifts.

She reports that the local church in Ryazan also works with the orphanage to teach the children about God’s Word.

“We come alongside the church over there and they do follow-ups… they go in once a month… and just see how things are going,” Dwinnell says.

She adds that sometimes churches will host an event similar to a vacation Bible school.

The children SOAR and the local church works with end up in the orphanage for multiple reasons, but each one needs love.

Dwinnell says, “Sometimes the police will say, well, we found this child on the road, they’ll bring them in, sometimes the parents are in jail. It’s a gamut of how the kids got there, some of the kids that we work with over there are special needs… And that’s how we go in, that’s [what] we work with. We come alongside the church and go into these orphanages.”

By partnering with local churches and the orphanages, SOAR can disciple children for life.

Even for the older children, “They remembered us and the impact that it had on them to keep following Jesus.”

Changing Lives and Spreading God’s Word

(Photo courtesy of SOAR)

Each basket given to the children in Russia includes a children’s Bible in Russian. Dwinnell says children get most excited about Bibles, even over candy and toys.

The gift of these Bibles changes not only the children’s lives but the lives of the caretakers as well.

“One time we had a caretaker come up and say can we have Bible on because we want to read the Bible,” Dwinnell says.

This caretaker requested a child’s Bible since the adult Bible was too hard to understand. By providing Bibles that children can understand, SOAR is also opening up God’s Word to the community.

“They cherish those Bibles over there,” Dwinnell says.

If you want to support SOAR, you can get involved with their Stuff a Stocking project to provide Christmas gifts to orphans and other disadvantaged children.

Click here to donate. You can also get involved with next years’ Baskets of Hope Easter project as well. Click here to connect with Becky Dwinnell.

Finally, pray for these children as they receive these supplies and learn about God’s Word. Pray for the church in Russia so they may continue to help others hear God’s Word.



Header photo courtesy of SOAR.