Soccer victory in India brings more than a title

By October 22, 2007

India (MNN) — A victory for a children's soccer team has done more than win them a championship.

The soccer team from a Hopegivers International -sponsored Hope Home in Kota, India, won the Rajasthan state championship in their age bracket. Though the team of orphans was very nearly denied the opportunity to participate in the tournament, they played and carried themselves like champions. Our children are proof that every life matters and is precious to God, explained Hopegivers Founder Dr. M.A. Thomas.

After the historic victory, the children were greeted with jubilation and a parade was held in their honor. These children hold the distinction of being the first team from their district to win a soccer state championship since the tournament began in 1947. A celebration sorrounding orphaned and abandoned children is a wonderful thing, Thomas said

"People from the public came and took those children on their shoulders and danced with them. Then they began to give them gifts and brought food items and fruits and all these things for them," Thomas said. 

The victory testifies to the team's hard work and also serves as a reminder that Hopegivers-sponsored orphans are getting the chance to be well-rounded and simply 'be kids'.

Despite the enormous amounts of difficulty faced during this last year because of his outreaches' faith-based approach, Dr. Thomas believes that this victory can go a long way to unite and bring communities together. "My dream is to rescue one million children and make them as stars, make them as ambassadors for God in various fields."

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