Social and economic stability linked: G20

By April 2, 2009

International (MNN) — The G-20 Summit leaders acknowledge that the world’s economy cannot recover without social stability and protection for the most poverty-vulnerable. That is women and children, many of whom wind up being trafficked.

(Photo courtesy India Partners)

(Photo courtesy India Partners)

Globally, human trafficking is the third-largest source of profit from organized crime, after arms dealing and drug trafficking. According to a February 2009 U.N. report, human traffickers make an estimated $31.6 billion annually on their cargo, and for every 800 persons trafficked, only one criminal is convicted.

India Partners notes that women and children from neighboring Nepal, Sri Lanka, and states within India, are often tricked into leaving their families and shipped like cargo to eager buyers. With over 3,000 dialects spoken in India, chances are they won’t speak the language, thus making it unlikely they will be able to escape.

There are an estimated 900,000 sex workers in India, 300,000 of whom are believed to be children. Every year, approximately 73,000 girls and women in India enter prostitution.

Kaytie Fiedler, a regional representative for India Partners, says, “The more we can address these issues, the more we can put money into helping these people and start making that shift. When we can protect the vulnerable and empower them, that is going to bring such a shift in our economy.”

Police studies show that the main obstacles to cracking down on child prostitution are the issues of rehabilitation and reintegration. For many of the children that they rescue, there is no place to go once their “livelihood” is gone.

(Photo courtesy India Partners)

(Photo courtesy India Partners)

Fiedler says in India, the major problem is a shortage of resources. “If they were to rescue these women and children, the challenge is to provide a place for them to go to be safe and to earn a legal income without being exploited.”

This is where India Partners makes a difference, physically and spiritually. “They offer real, practical solutions for immediate need. And then, as relationships are built and trust is gained, they can share with them about Jesus.”

India Partners helps women in India by training them to use their skills to legally earn a living and care for their families. India Partners is a resource for the public to engage in the work of indigenous humanitarian organizations bringing lasting, positive
change for women in India. Click here if you’d like to help. 

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