Social media: A tool for Muslim ministry

By January 7, 2016

International (MNN/Frontiers) — Frontiers is using a unique tool to reach thousands of Muslims: social media.

In 2011, when the Arab Spring sprung up, many Muslims began questioning their faith. Sure enough, just as social media was a “catalytic factor in the Arab Spring,” it was also the boat these questions rode.

(Photo courtesy of Jason Howie via Flickr)

(Photo courtesy of Jason Howie via Flickr)

Now, Frontiers is meeting these social media questions and answering with Jesus.

Through Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media, Frontiers has been ministering to thousands of Muslims. The Frontiers team is able to share Bible verses, discipleship material, Christ’s love and truths, and more.

Frontiers’ goal: to regularly connect with 500,000 Muslims.

Jake, the team leader, writes the following:

It is our vision to see a Spiritual Arab Spring–with Jesus in the center. The majority of Muslims we talk to are tired of ISIS and bizarre religious rulings coming from their Islamic leaders. They thirst for fresh, living water. They are hungry for something fulfilling.

A number of countries in the region are not accessible due to political situations and war, but social media is providing a way for us to connect with people in those countries.

We aren’t out to attack Islam. What we want to do is share–with love and respect–the truth of Jesus through God’s Word. We approach Muslims where they are, and many of them are online.

This week my local friend Hamoud, a follower of Jesus, and I posted to over 250,000 potential Muslim readers in Facebook groups about life with Jesus. We had a plethora of responses. Many said, “This is new!” A few asked, “How do we follow Jesus? Where can we see His teaching?” To each person we responded with messages and resources that will engage them with Scripture. Pray that those resources get used. Many are already “Liking” them,and Hamoud is already engaging in some deep conversations.

Jesus is good news and people everywhere like good news!

Pray with us, that social media would be an effective tool for reaching Muslims with the Word of God. May many Muslims discover Jesus Christ and choose to follow Him.

*Names and places have been changed for security.


  • I’ve tried to train converted factory workers & refugees in S. Korea to use the social media to evangelize people without much success. Do you have tools to train them to reach Muslims for Christ? What can we post on their web sites & how to followup?

  • Len Nowicki says:

    Dear Lord, please touch many lives and bring much fruit from such a wonderful ministry!

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