Social media buzz over FGM rumors

By July 25, 2014
(Image courtesy Maryland GovPics via Flickr)

(Image courtesy Maryland GovPics via Flickr)

Iraq (MNN) — IS (formerly ISIS) terrorists are ordering all women and girls near the city of Mosul, Iraq to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM). Or are they? There’s plenty of social media buzz surrounding Muslim culture, extremists, and FGM lately.

To bring you up to speed, a top UN official sounded the alarm yesterday and claimed IS was ordering all women and girls near Mosul to undergo FGM, an order that would potentially affect 4 million people. Skeptics quickly took to social media outlets like Twitter to refute the claim.

Television reporter for an Arabic channel, Jenan Moussa, posted the following on her Twitter account: “My contacts in #Mosul have NOT heard that ‘Islamic State’ ordered FGM for all females in their city,” followed by a link to an article from The Guardian.

“Without any evidence (so far, none), I’d say UN may have fallen victim to politically-motivated info from #Iraq. Doesn’t fit IS model,” tweeted researcher Charles Lister, a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Doha Center.

While rumors circulate, the staggering truth of Iraq’s humanitarian crisis remains.

Global Aid Network USA is sending prayer and answers to prayer–namely food–to churches who are helping refugees. Earlier this month, GAIN CEO Al Goff visited the war-torn country to deliver supplies and find more ways his group could help.

(Image courtesy GAiN)

(Image courtesy GAiN)

“Just before we leave, I join the team in praying over the camp. We pray that the people seeking refuge in these tents will also find refuge in God’s redeeming, forgiving love,” writes Goff in his final report from the field.

“It is my additional prayer that, somehow, Global Aid Network will have the privilege of being part of God’s answer. I am confident we will do more.”

Contact GAIN USA to join in their efforts.

Ask the Lord to comfort and guide Iraqi Christians. Pray that the love they’re sharing at this time speaks volumes to nonbelievers. Pray that all of the resources needed to help displaced families will be provided.

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