Soldiers in Iraq are turning to Christ and they need your help

By June 19, 2006

Iraq (MNN) — The words, “There are no atheists in a fox hole,” is a common saying as soldiers head to war. That appears to be happening with American soldiers in Iraq, says Bible Pathway Ministries .

Vice-President of Bible Pathway Ministries Ken Sharp says, “As an indirect consequence of the war in Iraq the Lord is drawing members of America’s Armed Forces into His Kingdom in record numbers. We cannot keep enough of the Military Edition devotional commentary of Bible Pathway on hand to fill all the requests.”

Evidence of the number of new Believers directly related to the Iraqi conflict can be seen on any computer. Type in key the words “soldiers baptized” into any search engine and dozens of sites pop up with photos of service personnel from all branches of the military following in Christ’s footsteps. There are army, navy, marines, and reservists, being baptized in the Atlantic, the Euphrates, in boxes and containers filled with water, in holes in the sand, in pools and even in a fount in an ancient monastery in Mosul.

Initially, Bible Pathway Ministries printed and distributed nearly 20,000 copies of the special devotional. It was given at no charge to active and retired military. Most have gone into the Iraqi area.

Sharp says, “We’re both delighted and overwhelmed with the response we’re receiving. Within just 8 weeks after publication, all of the original 10,000 free books provided by a prayer ministry in Florida were shipped to service personnel around the globe.”

Since then they printed an additional 10,000 copies and those are dwindling quickly. Bible Pathway is praying that the Lord will provide for a third printing because saying no to a request isn’t a good option.

A chaplain from Baghdad wrote, “They’re going like hot cakes.” Another says, “They’re a blessing to us soldiers!” Another chaplain says, “We’re also encouraging families at home to read their Bibles along with their deployed loved ones. Since Bible Pathway takes the reader through the entire Bible in one year by reading just 15 minutes a day, it makes a great family devotional. And if the deployed moms and dads record some of the Scriptures their families at home can hear their voices as they read along. That can be a very special and comforting time for the ones left behind.”

$30,000 is needed to print an additional 10,000 books. While this is only a drop in the bucket compared to the 1.3 million active military, as one woman wrote, “If just half of those really dedicate their lives to the Lord or get saved, what a tidal wave it will make in that bucket.”

2,500 soldiers have given their lives for their country. Bible Pathway wants to make sure that as many as possible have had opportunity to know God through His Word before meeting Him face to face.

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