Son of former Philippines dictator elected president

By May 17, 2022

The Philippines (MNN) — Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of a former dictator, has been elected as the next president of the Philippines. His family fled the country in disgrace after a popular uprising in 1986.

From 1972 to 1981, Ferdinand Marcos Sr. controlled the Philippines through martial law. He died three years after the uprising, but his family retained their wealth, returned to the Philippines, and became influential politicians.

The family has widely been charged with human rights abuses and corruption over the years. Experts say Marcos’ election victory was propelled by a misinformation campaign on social media. Many worry Marcos could bring an authoritarian hand to the government.

Bill Passons with AMG International says, “It’s always hard to figure out exactly why somebody votes a certain way. Sometimes it may seem clear. Other times, it’s confusing.”

AMG Philippines

But the elections don’t change AMG’s goals in the Philippines. Passons says, “When I was talking with our national director, he said they’re not worried about the politics of the situation. They are looking to the needs of 100 million-plus Filipinos and trying to meet those needs.” 

AMG has over 30 projects around the Philippines, sponsoring 3,000 impoverished kids. Since the Philippines is often exposed to extreme weather, the ministry works heavily in disaster relief as well. Passons says, “We also have church planting efforts where we train up church planters that will go into some of the remote areas.”

“We also have some vocational schools to help people go beyond high school.”

Pray the love of Jesus will transform communities throughout the Philippines.



The header photo shows Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on the campaign trail. (Photo courtesy of PNA photo by Joey O. Razon, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)