South Sudan cannot be forgotten

By September 8, 2014
(South Sudan flag courtesy Wikipedia)

(South Sudan flag courtesy Wikipedia)

South Sudan (MNN) — South Sudan’s violence has pretty much been overruled by slightly larger crises: Ukraine, Iraq, Gaza, to name a few. But Kids Alive International says the world community can’t forget about their newest nation.

South Sudan’s current turmoil began in December 2013, when a coup attempt failed and fighting erupted between rebel groups. Exact figures are hard to come by, but approximately 1.5 million people have been displaced by out-of-control fighting, and around 10,000 have been killed.

Matt Parker with Kids Alive recently spoke with AwakeAfrica about how South Sudan’s crisis is impacting one of its most vulnerable populations: women and children.

“Many children have been killed or injured in the violence, and others [have been] displaced from their homes. It is estimated that around 9,000 children have actively been participating in the fighting as child soldiers,” Parker informed AwakeAfrica reporter Ann Kaguma.

Photo by Food for the Hungry

(Photo by Food for the Hungry)

In addition, at least 50,000 children are now facing starvation because of the ongoing conflict. That means more families will be relying on Kids Alive for literal and spiritual food.

You can read the full report on Parker’s blog.

Kids Alive operates a Children’s Home in Wau, taking in street children and other vulnerable youngsters. Christian caregivers nurture and encourage children to become faithful followers of Jesus while caring for their basic needs.

Kids Alive also cares for refugee families in and around Wau by providing food, soap, sandals, medicines, clothing, and plastic sheets. Meeting these basic needs often opens doors for Kids Alive workers to share the hope of Christ with refugees.

As fighting continues in South Sudan with no end in sight, your prayers and financial help are becoming even more important. If you’d like to help Kids Alive give South Sudan’s children and refugees a safe haven and hope for the future, click here.

Most importantly, please remember to include South Sudan in your prayers. Pray for violence to cease, and pray for South Sudan’s leaders to make their people a priority. Pray that children and refugees cared for by Kids Alive will come to know Christ as they hear His Words.

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