Spanish ‘I Am Second’ to add new video

By May 31, 2013

USA (MNN) — Four years ago, I Am Second, a ministry of e3 Partners, launched a Web site that tells the stories of people who have come to Christ. It features actors, athletes, musicians, business leaders, drug addicts, and even next-door neighbor. These authentic stories provide hope to the hurting.

I Am Second features people like former NFL Football coach Tony Dungy, a member of the band Korn Brian Welch, figure skater Scott Hamilton, and others. In January, Yo Soy Segundo, or I Am Second in Spanish, was launched.

Yo Soy Segundo's Oscar Castillo says they launched the new Web site with journalist and TV personality Myrka Dellanos. "We did a whole film premier in Miami, which obviously attracted a lot of media. Someone said we got coverage just like it was the Grammy's."

Because of that, Yo Soy Segundo had an incredible launch. "We came up with about 36 million media impressions within the first 48 hours. That just goes to show you the power of media today," says Castillo.

Today, Yo Soy Segundo's film library is growing. "We have three on the Web site that are all Spanish. But, we have about 22 that are subtitled into Spanish on the Spanish side."

Soon, Yo Soy Segundo will have another stand-alone film. Castillo is traveling to Spain to record it, and is staying tight lipped about who it will feature. "If you are a soccer lover, you know who this guy is. I can't just divulge the name. He plays in Madrid. He knew about 'I Am Second' and was willing to give his story."

Castillo says they hope to use this new story to share the Gospel with those who have never heard it.

If you'd like to see I Am Second videos, click here. To view Yo Soy Segundo, click here.

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