Spanish speaking ministries to soon get eagerly anticipated text.

By June 15, 2004

International (MNN)–This fall, the World Bible Translation Center hopes to launch its next teaching tool for the Spanish speaking world.

Teams are wrapping up the Old Testament translation in Easy-to-Read Spanish. WBTC’s Rafael Serrano says the text is eagerly anticipated. “Churches are looking for our text because most people living in the United States and in Latin America are not well-educated people. The goal is to reach those people with the Gospel. Our version is targeting those people.”

A 200-thousand book printing is tentatively scheduled for November. Serrano explains that once it’s released, it will be up to the church leaders to see the Scriptures distributed. “We ask for prayer especially for prison ministries, for new reader ministries, for churches that are interested in evangelizing, for those Christians that are looking for preaching the Gospel to those who don’t know Christ.”

Since the release of the Spanish New Testament in 2000, more than two million copies have been ministering to Spanish speakers in North, Central and South America. WBTC is currently printing another 140,000 Spanish New Testaments.

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