Speak Up models Christ-like relationships for kids

By May 14, 2019

(MENA) – Children of all ages across the globe face challenges. Speak Up, a popular talk show on SAT-7 Arabic is helping address some of these challenges in the Middle East and North Africa. SAT-7 Arabic is a channel of SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

Speak Up

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7, credit Russell Watkins with the Department for International Development)

“Speak Up program is a counseling program discussing current issues that affect society especially women. The program tries to explain the causes of these problems and their consequences.

“We help viewers gain perspective on these issues and learn how to find alternative solutions. We invite experts in the topics discussed on the program to share their knowledge and expertise with our viewers,” Amgad Shafik says, producer and director of Speak Up program on SAT-7.

Speak Up touches on a number of topics ranging from disabilities to bullying. The channel also invites people to share their personal experiences.

“By sharing their real-life stories, viewers can understand that they’re not alone and that others are going through similar issues and find ways to overcome their problems,” Shafik says.

Teaching Parents and Kids

The channel is also helping make many parents aware of what their children might be experiencing. Through Speak Up, SAT-7 is helping parents and their kids push back against things like bullying to model Christ-like relationships.

One of the challenges which come with this is identifying perpetrators of harmful actions and addressing the kids who are acting out in negative ways.

“On Speak Up, we define bullying, its types and who does it. We explain its reasons, where it happens and its consequences. We teach parents how to identify bullying and what do to if their child is bullied. We make parents aware of the importance of always talking to their children, listening to them and paying attention to the details of their lives to help them in the best way possible,” Shafik says.

Reflecting Christ

By defining challenges like bullying, Speak Up is raising awareness while also helping parents and kids address these issues, stand up for themselves, learn to reflect a Christ-like relationship, and treat people with care.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 via Facebook)

“Christ’s love shows in the way we help people understand and solve the problems at hand through Christian based values and principles. We speak about unconditional love as a basis for everything and through it many problems will be automatically solved,” Shafik says.

“We show Christ when we accept the others as they are regardless of their background. Jesus himself accepted sinners and went around doing good things for everyone without discrimination. Just as Jesus loved me as I am and accepted me, so must I accept the other regardless of their background.”

If you would, please pray for God’s love to be made visible through SAT-7’s program Speak Up. Pray for the teams’ wisdom when it chooses discussion topics and the experts who address these topics with the audience. Also, pray for God to supply the financial support Speak Up needs to continue producing content which reflects God’s love and helps the viewers.

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Photo courtesy of SAT-7 via Facebook

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