Special outreach programs give attention to overlooked population in Argentina

By January 18, 2012

Argentina (MNN) — A U.S. State Department report indicates that while
the Argentinian government generally respected the human rights of its
citizens, that was not the case in the prison system.

There were widespread reports of killings and brutality by police
and prison officials. The facilities
were often reported overcrowded, substandard, and sometimes life-threatening. 

Against that backdrop, Argentina's prison population grew nine
times faster than the general population. This year, a Biblica team has committed to reaching
1,500 inmates with the Gospel. 

Their long-term goal is to reach 30,000 inmates, giving special
attention to their families. As a result of the outreach so far, the team reports
encouraging results with inmates changing their behavior, committing their
lives to Christ, and blessing their families with their new faith.

There are many other challenges to ministry in Argentina. The country deals with corruption, violence,
drug trade, family disintegration, and economic challenges.  

Children and teens are the most vulnerable population on the
streets. They are often left to fend for
themselves in dangerous environments and to face abuse, drugs and worse. Churches are struggling to respond without
adequate resources.

is coming alongside these churches and ministries to provide biblical resources
for people throughout Latin and South America, including Argentina, Brazil,
Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

will also continue work on two translation projects, which still need $188,460
to be considered "fully funded." 

Translated Scriptures will open doors for pastors who often have
no access to biblical training. For
example, Biblica Argentina is coming alongside to help by providing training
seminars for 900 pastors, preachers, seminary students, and lay people to
promote reading the Scriptures, widen their knowledge of the Bible, and teach
them how to reach other people using the Bible. Participants will receive
Biblica Spanish Bibles, DVDs, and training manuals.

The special attention Biblica gives to Argentina's inmate families
comes through partnerships with local
churches and ministries. The team has seen
excellent results with the Children for Christ (C4C) program, with thousands of
children and parents giving their lives to Jesus.

C4C trains local Christians to evangelize and disciple at-risk
children living in areas of high unemployment, poverty, and drug addiction.
This year, Biblica will reach 5,000 children through this fun, Bible-based

for spiritual renewal that leads to changed societies and healthy families.


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