Specialized broadcast brings hope of Christ to listeners

By August 2, 2007

International (MNN) — Many people
believe that they can improve their lives by learning the English language, but
that can be expensive and inaccessible. 

For that reason, Words of Hope,
partnering with Far East Broadcasting Association and Back to God Hour, is producing
a Specialized English radio program called 'Spotlight.' 'Spotlight' covers a wide variety of subjects and is
currently broadcast by over 40 different radio stations around the world.

The programs use a limited vocabulary and a slow delivery
format to teach English as a second language. The programs are 15-minutes long, delivered at about half the pace
of normal speaking speeds. The content
is written in short, simple sentences, and the Web site provides a corresponding
vocabulary list.

The simplified English programs
are intended for listeners whose understanding of English is limited, but they are
also effectively reaching listeners with the hope of Christ. 

Please pray that the seeds take root. Pray, too, that God will continue to bless and
expand this venture, which now enjoys a worldwide audience.


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