Spiritual and physical health improve with clean water

By June 30, 2009

Zambia (MNN) — The Komilulu tribe has been around since 1968. They are a village of 4,900 people that have never had clean water. They draw water from two springs that become polluted each time it rains or when animals come around to use the same wells.

Tamlyn Collins with The Mission Society has developed a heart for these people. "They said to me, ‘We don't understand why we've been forgotten. No one has helped us, and we've had to drink this water.' They've had a very high incident of illness in their household in the past year due to the unclean water that they are drinking," Collins said. 

However, in an answer to prayer, Collins was able to partner with New Life International, a Christian non-government organization in Zambia. With them, they will provide a water purification system for the community. The water will cost just 68 cents per person for the entire life of the purifier. The system is small enough to carry by hand and uses salt and a solar-powered battery to purify the water.   

After a site visit, the community is very supportive of the new system. Collins will be going to Zambia to set-up the system within the next week. 

Clean water is not all the Komilulu tribe receive, though. "They also have the opportunity to worship God, and to have a Bible study, and to carry away clean water to their households for the very first time," explained Collins. Local leaders who are part of the church will assist in the spiritual aspect. 

Pray that God will bless the project so that it will greatly benefit the Komilulu. Pray for greatly improved spiritual and physical health throughout the community.

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