Spiritual needs catered to after quake

By January 25, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Hundreds of government and non-government organizations are flooding Haiti with immediate aid following the January 12 earthquake. Food, water, shelter and medical items are being collected en masse to ensure the physical survival of the victims of the violent quake.

However, one need seems to have been somewhat neglected.

It is easy to imagine that such a devastating catastrophe would provoke enormous life questions. Faith Comes By Hearing is doing what they can to cater to these spiritual questions with the Word of God.

"We're trying to send down 3,000 solar-powered audio Bibles (we call them Proclaimers) to pastors that we have relationships with, to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of the Haitians," says Jon Wilke, spokesperson for Faith Comes By Hearing.

As pastors receive these audio Bible units (which are in the Haitian heart language of Creole), the Word of God will be an encouragement to Haitian believers and those who have yet to hear the Gospel. They may come to a pastor for help, or they may simply be standing in line to receive food when they hear words such as "Blessed are those who mourn," followed by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So far, Faith Comes By Hearing has come against a fair amount of opposition to their approach to relief efforts in Haiti. Wilke says they have received e-mails criticizing the fact that the ministry is sending Bibles instead of physical necessities. But Wilke argues that Faith Comes By Hearing was never meant to be a physical relief agency. Instead, their ministry is in spreading the Word of God where people need to hear it. These Haitian victims are certainly good candidates.

"Obviously these people need food, shelter and water right now to survive; they need to be rescued out of the rubble," notes Wilke, who by no means understates the importance of immediate aid. "But in the long-term, they need to know who the God of the Bible is and be able to follow Him. So, supplying the Word of God in their own native language is a way to minister to their need."

Wilke suggests that the Word of God is what will truly get the Haitian people through this devastating catastrophe.

"Listening to [the Word] in their own language could provide the inspiration, the direction, and the motivation to make it through this."

Pray that these audio Bibles would make it to the ears of every Haitian who needs to hear. Pray that the Lord would use this turmoil to bring about great revival in Haiti through the power of His Word.

Each Proclaimer costs about $157 to make and distribute. Faith Comes By Hearing already has about 600 of them on their way to Haiti and plans to send about 2,400 more. If you would like to sponsor a Proclaimer, visit the Faith Comes By Hearing Web site and donate today.

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