Spiritual warfare is on the increase in Peru

By December 8, 2005

Peru (MNN) — “The devil is fighting us pretty hard,” says Boots Holder, the strategy-coordinator missionary for the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. Harder says spiritual warfare has become a major issue as they reach Peruvians with the Gospel.

According to Harder some of the missionary families have experienced a variety of personal struggles. Volunteers have had to leave the mountains and jungles early because of sickness. Some have been run out of villages. Some Peruvians have been persecuted for not being a part of the majority religion.

A Peruvian missionary in the mountains moves from home to home in a village because the people associated with the majority religion won’t allow her to rent a place to stay. In that same community, two churches have started and hundreds of people in the area are hearing the Gospel.

Holder is asking Christians to pray that these new believers will band together because those with the majority religion aren’t happy about their conversions.

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