Spiritual warfare opens the way to outreach in Haiti

By September 14, 2007

(MNN) — There are 13 voodoo holidays between June and September. Voodoo
worshipers deify a mixture of African gods and Catholic saints and practice

At the moment, the flurry of ceremonies has had an
interesting impact on a burn clinic ministry in Haiti. For Haiti With Love's Rosaline DeHart
says: "It seems like there's a
season for it.  Right now, our clinic has
people burning from neck all the way down to their ankles. I've heard that it's mostly from the voodoo
rituals that they're going to. It's
three jars of Silvadene cream every other day, and a lot of bandages and

That lays out a critical need. Two years ago, FHWL lost their Silvadene cream donor and
was forced to purchase their supplies. Funds and donations severely restricted how much they could purchase. Each
jar costs $57 for 400 grams. The additional financial commitment is having a
direct effect on their food program. At a dozen jars per patient per week, that starts adding up fast, in more ways than one.

Since For Haiti offers the only burn clinic, a shortage of
the cream could mean people's lives hang in the balance. More importantly, For
Haiti with Love won't be able to share God's love with the many people that are
sent their way by the local hospital.

DeHart notes that as they respond to the physical needs, they also address the
evident spiritual ones. "With the
burn patients, we always tell them about Christ when they come in, especially
when we know that they've been burned by a voodoo priest. We tell them about Jesus and tell them how He
died for them."

From the burn clinic to the feeding programs, it's all done
in the name of Christ, with the hope of meeting spiritual needs. For Haiti with Love is giving freely of God's love and gifts to help make life better for the poorest of the poor in Northern Haiti. Click here if you can help.

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