Spoken Worldwide plans 20 new oral translation projects

By August 10, 2021

International (MNN) — Spoken Worldwide plans to launch 20 new oral Bible translation projects over the next three years. This is possible through a new partnership with Seed Company, another Bible translation organization.

Seed Company works with 951 languages around the world and over 1,400 global partners. Learn more about this organization here.

Ed Weaver says, “And to give you a comparison, over the last two years, we’ve started five language projects, so this is a significant increase in terms of operations tempo for us as an organization. We will be looking for ways to expand that pretty rapidly and spending a lot of time figuring out which of these people groups we want to do language projects for. Which ones will be the most in need of an oral Bible first, or maybe an oral Bible only?”

Spoken Worldwide produces oral Bibles translations for people groups with no ability to read the scriptures. Ask God to guide this big project as it gets underway.

Sixteen projects will begin over the next nine months. Weaver says, “We’re pretty excited about it, but certainly we are also sobered by it. This is a high level of responsibility, but we also believe it’s something that somebody needs to step up and do. We want to honor the Word of God. We want to not treat it lightly.”



Header photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide on Facebook.