Sponsor a child, transform a community

By December 14, 2015

Bolivia (MNN) — Over ten years ago, Mayra’s family moved to a new neighborhood. It was full of gangs. The streets were dirty, and the people dreamless.

Around the same time, Mayra also became a sponsor child through Food for the Hungry.

(Photo Courtesy Food for the Hungry) Mayra sits with her family. (Left to right: Mayra, her father, mother, and sister.)

Mayra sits with her family. (Left to right: Mayra, her father, mother, and sister. Photo Courtesy Food for the Hungry)

“FH helped me a lot, the staff encouraged me constantly, and they used to say, ‘You can do it.’ They challenged me to keep going. They made me realize that we are able to change our history,” said Mayra.

At 12, Mayra was given a scholarship to develop pastry-making skills and to learn basic accounting. Four other children from her neighborhood were given the same scholarship. Together, these five kids started their own pastry business.

At 23, Mayra is still chasing dreams. “My dream is to become a specialist and to work at the hospital and open a clinic to help the poor people,” said Mayra.

Mayra’s dreams aren’t the only things that have changed over the years.

(Photo Courtesy Food for the Hungry) Mayra attends to a patient.

Mayra attends to a patient.
(Photo Courtesy Food for the Hungry)

Now, when Mayra looks at her neighborhood, it’s different than before. It’s quiet, the streets are paved, and the neighborhood has basic services.

However, the true transformation is in the people.

“The youth are studying. They want to excel and have a vision,” said Mayra, “and it is because of FH because it is a Christian Organization.”

When children are sponsored through FH, they don’t just receive an education: they receive the Gospel, too. Furthermore, the staff encourages a relationship with Christ.

When Mayra was in the sponsorship program, the staff helped her get evangelism and discipleship training. Then in high school she began volunteering at her local church.

You can help people like Mayra realize their potential and worth in Christ by sponsoring a child.

Sponsoring a child for a month costs just over a dollar a day. And really, what better way is there to spend a dollar? So this holiday season, share the Gospel and change a life by sponsoring a Child through Food for the Hungry.

To sponsor a child, click here.

To donate to the vocational training scholarship, click here.

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    The blog about Mayra is so adorable and inspiring too. I have been planning to be a part of sponsoring the program to support a child. Hope I get right direction 🙂

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