Sponsors give hope in Guatemala

By March 11, 2016

Guatemala (MNN) – It might be a well known fact, but Guatemala is one of the worst places for a kid to live according to Michael Sheen, UNICEF UK Ambassador.

It’s a country filled with child abuse, poverty, and much more. But it is also a country filled with hope, thanks to Christ’s love.

At AMG International, God is moving through people to help give kids a better life in Guatemala. One of these kids, who is now a young woman, is Yaquelin. She recently graduated from high school with a Business Administration diploma and a relationship with Christ. Sponsors helped Yaquelin reached this accomplishment through AMG’s Childcare Ministry.

(Photo Courtesy AMG International) Meet Yaquelin who was a part of AMG's child sponsorship program.

(Photo courtesy AMG International)
Meet Yaquelin, who grew up a part of AMG’s child sponsorship program.

The childcare ministry helps kids in orphanages, schools, hostels, and child development centers by providing for the children’s medical and education needs. But there’s more.

AMG also provides for the personal development and spiritual training of these kids, thus giving them a chance for a better future–not just in Guatemala, but for an eternity.

And now, thanks to God, AMG, and AMG’s sponsors, Yaquelin has the opportunity to further her studies and  continue building her relationship with Christ. Now that her childhood dream of graduation high school has come true, she’s tackling another by attending a university.

Yet, she’s not doing this just for herself: she’s doing it so she can one day help her family. So really, by helping someone like Yaquelin, you’re also influencing a family as well.

To learn more or donate to AMG’s Childcare Ministry, click here.

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