Sponsors needed for fatherless in Honduras

By January 30, 2008

Honduras (MNN) — The Central American nation of Honduras faces incredible challenges in health, economy, education and the future for its children. That's why Orphan Outreach is making that nation a priority.

President of Orphan Outreach Mike Douris says HIV/AIDS is high and so is the poverty level. "What Orphan Outreach is doing is working in the high-risk slum areas in order to really get at the root of the problem of kids who are orphaned and are fatherless and to provide educational services for them in private Christian schools."

The work isn't easy. Douris says they're working in the worst areas of Tegucigalpa. "Some of the places the schools are [located] the police don't even go there because it's so dangerous." Murders, robberies, prostitution and more are running rampant. Heart change needs to happen to save these areas.

Douris says that's why this area is a priority, and they need your help. "We're actually gearing up this year to find churches and individuals who want to go in and want to partner with these schools — provide financial assistance, but also send groups down and work with these children in these areas."

Once many of these children turn 18, they don't have the tools to function. "They're going into crime, they're on the streets, they're into prostitution. And it's primarily because they don't have the skills they need in order to get jobs and to live independently," says Douris.

That can change with your help and the help of Christians in Honduras. "The goal is not only to provide a quality education but also mentorship, and to have churches get involved in the schools would actually prepare and equip the children not only to hear the message of Jesus Christ, but to be able to live that life, and live independently successfully."

Orphan Outreach is partnering with a local Christian woman who has started a school and is using her own money to put these kids through school. "She has about 60 students, and she has the capacity for about 20 more students," says Douris. "But she doesn't have the resources in order to be able to educate these kids. So we're looking for people who want to sponsor children at $30 a month."

He says this program is very effective in evangelism. "Most of these kids in the schools have accepted Christ as their Savior. A number of the schools we're working in will have graduates who are going on to college–very committed Christians and active in their church. It's amazing to see the transformation that's taking place in these kids' lives."

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