Sponsorship ministry asks the question: Now or later?

By May 16, 2012

(KAI/MNN) — In a child sponsorship program, there's often the question of
timing. Do coordinators wait until they
have sponsors to take in the children, or do they intervene first and hope
for the sponsors to roll in?

According to Kids Alive International, it's the latter. The reality is this:
for some of the children, if Kids Alive doesn't intervene immediately, they
might not be able to come back and ask for help.

These kids are
in a desperate battle to survive every day. They are the most vulnerable
people in a population. Family might
move out of the area–either fleeing oncoming war or seeking a better life
somewhere else. For those fending for
themselves, they are at risk of abuse, abduction, or worse. Or some could contract an illness and die.

In many developing
countries, there is no "safety net" to protect children. While there are
sincere efforts on the parts of individuals and government agencies, the
needs are overwhelming, and resources are not keeping up.

That's why the Kids
Alive ministry plan is to accept as many of the hurting, desperate children
as they can while trusting God for their care. Some of their project
directors confess that selecting which kids they accept into their children's
homes, care centers, and schools is "the single hardest thing that we face."

Their hearts
break every time they realize another child needs help. They pray, lose
sleep, and wrestle with the monumental decisions they must make.

Today, there are desperate children who need to be rescued from the
streets and cared for as Jesus cares.

Kids Alive's primary mission
every day is to make sure that every child in their care knows that Jesus loves
them and has a special purpose for their lives. Ministry sites are spread across five continents
in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific

Funding is the
only thing holding the ministry back. Please help those children who are desperate
for a chance to survive and thrive.

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