Spreading the Word through new Bible app

By November 6, 2015
(Photo courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing via Facebook)

International (MNN) — For over 100 years, The Gideons International have been distributing Bibles free of charge, placing them in hospitals, hotel rooms, and in the hands of the military.

“The Gideons have an army of 190,000 men and women–primarily men–who are either the leader of their company or sales oriented, so they’re people that know how to act with other people,” says Morgan Jackson of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH). “For the past 120 years, their purpose has been evangelism and to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people.” The Bible has been one of their greatest tools to utilize that.

Now, thanks to Faith Comes By Hearing, a Gideon Bible App is available for those who prefer a digital copy of Scripture.

“This became one of their highest priorities: to get the Gideons into the digital world with apps, but something that was powerful. Well our Digital Bible Platform allowed us to produce an app for the Gideons,” says Jackson.

“It has all the Helps that a Gideon Bible will have inside of it, [such as] help in time of need, the road to salvation, decision for Christ…. And they’re just right at the tip of your finger.”

The user-friendly app features the Bible in 920 languages both in written and audio format.

Recently, Jackson showed an Ethiopian woman what the app could do. She was so thrilled, she blessed him in her traditional Ethiopian tongue. Jackson says being able to provide the Word of God when witnessing or evangelizing to someone in their native language is an incredible gift.

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