Spring Break in Uganda: why not?

By October 19, 2015
(Countdown provided by TimeandDate.com)

(Countdown provided by TimeandDate.com)

Uganda (MNN) — Spring Break time: it’s still months away. But with many places of North America starting to feel like winter, planning for shorts-weather and sun tans is a tempting thought.

Why not consider spending Spring Break in Uganda this year?

Spring Break ‘16


Spring Break in Panama City Beach, March 2006.
(Photo taken by Eupator, obtained via WIkimedia Commons)

In North America, Spring Break means heading for warmer climates, shaking off those winter blues, and having a little fun.

For most college and high school students, Spring Break means a week away from work and responsibility.

For others, spring break is a chance to make a difference, even if the window of opportunity is limited.

Orphan’s Heart is ready to help students and families make the most of Spring Break ’16.

Spring Break in Uganda

In eastern Uganda, Orphan’s Heart works alongside Hines Ugandan Ministries to demonstrate God’s love in word and deed. Together, these groups meet the physical and spiritual needs of vulnerable orphans and widows.

(Photo courtesy Orphan's Heart)

(Photo courtesy Orphan’s Heart)

Orphan’s Heart’s goal is to show the children of Kamonkoli the love of Jesus Christ by meeting their physical and spiritual needs, with hopes that they will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus and grow up knowing they have eternal life,” the ministry states on its Web site.

“These children are the future of Uganda. Reaching them now will make a difference for each child and for the entire nation.”

In March 2016, Orphan’s Heart and Hines Ugandan Ministries are inviting Christians from North America to join them as they build God’s Kingdom in Kamonkoli, Uganda.

As outlined here, there are a lot of ministry projects believers can help with. From Bible lessons to construction to medical, helpers in all shapes and sizes are needed.

Click here to apply for the March 2016 mission trip.

If Spring Break in Uganda sounds like a plan to you, make sure you contact Orphan’s Heart before November 9.


  • Please pray for those the Lord is calling to join this mission trip. Pray that they will hear His call and respond.
  • Pray for transformed hearts and minds, both among trip participants and vulnerable individuals in Uganda.
  • Pray for teams to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed.

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