Sri Lanka floods put slight delay on Myanmar Bible response

By June 26, 2008

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Unusually
heavy monsoon rains flooded Sri Lanka, displaced hundreds of thousands and
indirectly had an impact on a response project for Myanmar's cyclone

World Bible Translation Center's Tom
McGregor says they've committed to printing 50,000 New Testaments. Working with a mission printing organization
in Sri Lanka and a major literature distribution team in Thailand, WBTC hopes
to provide Myanmar with the light of God's Word.

Their printer is in the area
where flooding has been bad. However, "The place that is printing them is
on higher ground, so they're not really affected by the floods except for the
employees who had been affected by the floods. They are having a little problem
with the paper since it is stored in warehouses and since the humidity is very
high right now in the area."

Three of their workers had to leave
their homes due to floodwaters in excess of three feet. One worker moved upstairs and had
to use his cell phone to call for food. Another worker took food to the
employee and had to wade through waist-deep water for about a quarter mile.

Other than a small delay, the
printing schedule is on track again. But
the Translation Center still needs to raise $2 for each New Testament
printed. They want to get them into
Burma before the door slams closed.
"There's a lot of the workers that are out there calling on the
people and working with them, and a lot of the evangelists that all they can do is turn toward the Word of God."

These New Testaments will now be
printed and shipped from Sri Lanka, gathered at a staging area in
Bangkok, Thailand, enter Myanmar at Yangon (Myanmar's capital), and then fan
out all over the country for free distribution. Many church leaders and
congregations have made pleas for copies of God's Word.

Please pray for protection and no
further delays on printing of the New Testaments.

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