Sri Lanka food security to worsen without aid

By September 21, 2022

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Food insecurity in Sri Lanka will get worse without urgent assistance, aid agencies warn. The World Food Programme issued a joint statement with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. On top of economic woes, the country has seen two poor harvests.

Economic woes

Galen Burkholder with Global Disciples says, “The United Nations says that more than a quarter of the 22 million people in this island country, which is just about the size of West Virginia, are struggling just to get enough food to survive.”

“Other hotspots are dominating the news like Ukraine and others. Yet the desperation keeps growing in Sri Lanka.”

The Sri Lankan Global Disciples team finds themselves caught up in the food and fuel shortages. People often wait for hours in line to get basic necessities.

Still, their team’s most urgent request is prayer. God does the impossible when His people pray.

Pray for Gospel opportunities for Global Disciples in Sri Lanka.  As believers continue to show God’s love to their neighbors, Burkholder says, “It’s becoming known to many Sri Lankan people that followers of Jesus don’t just look out for themselves. They care even when there is very little to provide.”

Burkholder has heard some amazing stories of this provision. “People are moving around their communities, simply trying to provide assistance, often as simple as a bicycle tire.”

Growing Church

Burkholder says many people are becoming Christians across Sri Lanka, both in the predominantly Muslim North and Buddhist South.

In southern Sri Lanka, a Karate master became a Christian and went through Global Disciples training. Burkholder says, “He started doing karate classes, and a whole group of young Buddhist monks came and joined the karate class. He noticed one of them was struggling, and he talked to him.”

The young monk eventually became a Christian and began sharing about Jesus while still wearing his traditional robes.

Ask God to strengthen the followers of Jesus in Sri Lanka. You can also support them financially through Global Disciples.



Sri Lanka is highlighted in red. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)