Sri Lanka marks two years, post-disaster with growth.

By December 26, 2006

Sri Lanka (MNN)–Today marks the two-year anniversary of Sri Lanka’s tsunami. Sadly, corruption, as well as ethnic and religious violence are blocking foreign aid for many survivors.

The wave killed more than 30,000 and displaced about 1 million in Sri Lanka. Since then, in the Southern Province, nearly all houses have been rebuilt. However, that isn’t the case in the war-torn Eastern Province (45-percent) and Northern Province (29-percent), where less than half have been completed.

Open Doors’ Carl Moeller explains, “The civil war and the recovery from the tsunami continues to bring turmoil to that country. Pray for the church and the Christians there that they can continue to spread hope and light wherever they got in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Moeller says they’re nurturing partnerships in a ministry package delivery project aimed at rebuilding the spiritual ‘infrastructure’. “In the last year, we were able to distribute about 100 of these ministry packages to a hundred different churches in that area. Each package has hymnals, mats and chairs, musical instruments, Bibles, it’s an entire package for a church to re-establish itself.”

The doors are open like never before to hearing the hope of Christ. Moeller says their team is dedicated, but needs prayer support. “Pray for the churches in those areas to strengthen that they’re able to minister and meet the spiritual needs of their communities.”

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