Sri Lanka struggles with food insecurity

By January 25, 2011

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Central and eastern Sri Lanka are still trying to recover
from the worst floods in a century that now threaten the country's agricultural
production and food security.

According to the government's Disaster Management Center, more than 1
million people are affected. 500,000
people face a deepening food crisis due to the failed rice harvest.

In addition to the losses suffered by farmers, prices were likely to
rise due to the shortages. That was
born out with noted hikes of more than 80-percent in vegetable prices since the
rains began at the end of 2010.

Meat prices are also expected to rise with the loss of thousands of
livestock. The government and the World
Bank have held talks, but so far there has been no concrete agreement.

There are many areas where aid has not yet reached. Food for the Hungry is
appealing for prayers and financial donations to help reduce the suffering of
families and communities severely affected by the flooding. 

Food for the Hungry is working with global relief partners to provide emergency supplies
such as food, water, mats, hygiene kits and medical items to those in worst-hit
areas. Pray for their teams as they act
in the name of Christ in this situation.

To find out more about Food for the Hungry's relief and development efforts and
how you can be involved, click here.


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