Sri Lankan government in disarray amid protests

By April 11, 2022

Sri Lanka (MNN) — In Sri Lanka, over 40 MPs have left President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s government. Plus, the new finance minister resigned after less than 24 hours. Citizens around the country have called for Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s removal from office in massive protests.

The government has imposed a curfew and blocked several prominent social media sites like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka faces a severe shortage of fuel, and many citizens can’t buy daily food either. The shortages have gotten so severe that hospitals are on the verge of closing and kids in school don’t have paper to use.

Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says, “We’re seeing the chaos from the fallout of the fuel prices because of the crisis with Russia and Ukraine. We are standing with our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka who are struggling against the corruption and just the basic challenges of needing fuel and resources.”

IMM ministry in Sri Lanka

IMM has trained Sri Lankans to create video content about the four Gospels. The project has encountered roadblocks in COVID-19, the economic crisis, and also other religious groups.

Godwin encourages readers to pray for these believers. “Think about this small nucleus of people who know how to use their phones and whatever they’ve got to tell a story about Jesus.”

“Then think of the chaos all around them. People are seeking something new and different and stable. What a great time to find out about Jesus.”

Pray many Sri Lankans will discover the hope of Jesus as the crisis continues. Godwin says, “I love the fact that IMM has traditionally trained locals to do the work in their own language. Because we can’t fly in there.”



Header photo courtesy of David_Peterson on Pixabay.