Starfysh-Okipe partnership in the works

By February 11, 2014
Last year, children at JHCL were ragged, thin, and lacked confidence. Today, they're just the opposite.

Last year, children at JHCL were
ragged, thin, and lacked confidence.
Today, they’re just the opposite.

Haiti (MNN) — Every nation’s hope rides on its young people, and it’s no different on La Gonave, Haiti. Starfysh is considering an investment in the next generation by partnering with a Haitian-run orphanage.

Development coordinator Renee Janofski explains how Madam Soliette started The Jesus Home for Children of La Gonave (JHCL).

“Since she was a little girl, she’s always had a dream to help the kids,” says Janofski. “She didn’t know how it was going to happen, but she knew that she had a dream.”

Madame Soliette and JHCL’s 80 orphans moved to a newly-built four-acre facility called the Children’s Village in April 2013. Grouped by age into eight pod-style housing units, with each unit overseen by a “house mom,” children receive two meals a day, education, health care, the Gospel, and more.

As basic daily needs are met and God’s love is shown abundantly, Janofski says the children of JHCL are blooming.

“They were surviving, and Madam Soliette wants to get them from surviving to thriving,” she states.


Craig and Renee Janofski with their two children, Morgan and Jaron.
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The Janofski family was recruited by Okipe to serve as missionaries on La Gonave for the next two years. Okipe is a co-op of ministries, churches, and individuals who are coming alongside Madam Soliette to help with resources and long-term strategic planning.

“Anyone who has a desire to partner with Madam Soliette and give her any help that they can is really a part of Okipe,” explains Janofski.

Renee, her husband Craig, and their two children Morgan and Jaron are serving as a liaison between Okipe and JHCL. By living side-by-side with JHCL and Madam Solliette, they can better communicate needs and opportunities to Okipe.

The opportunity to partner with Starfysh is a recent development. Janofski met Steve Edmondson, Starfysh founder and director, at a ministry forum in December 2013.

“We’ve just recently connected paths with Starfysh, and so hopefully in the future we’ll be able to partner with them,” says Janofski.

Agriculture is a big need at the Children's Village and might be a way Starfysh can partner with JHCL.

Agriculture is a big need
at the Children’s Village and might be a way Starfysh can partner with JHCL.

Agriculture might be one of the best ways Starfysh can help. Janofski says development in this area can help the orphanage become more self-sufficient, and it can also help the children develop future job skills.

“They’re trying to grow their own agriculture, but she [Madam Soliette] would admit that she doesn’t know a lot about it,” Janofski explains.

Starfysh wants to bring agricultural development to every corner of La Gonave. Ask the Lord to clearly show Starfysh and JHCL how they can best work together.

Pray also for the orphans Madam Soliette cares for.

“Pray for the older kids, that they would really personalize their faith,” requests Janofski. “Especially as the kids are getting older, just pray for their spiritual growth.”

You can meet Madam Soliette, the Janofski family, and the children of JHCL by visiting La Gonave on a short-term missions trip.

“A lot of teams will come in the summer when the kids are out of school so that they can do music camps or drama or different VBS-type things,” says Janofski.

Learn more about Okipe and ways to come alongside them here.

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  • Pam Lash says:

    Dad and I are so proud of all that you are doing for the children at the village. We pray for you and Madam Soliette and the children. God has been so good to provide the right people to help out with this orphanage and we pray that more people will get on board as He speaks to them. Love and miss all of you.

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