Starfysh tackles obstacles to Gospel work

By December 18, 2013
Short-term mission teams from the U.S. work alongside locals on Starfysh projects.  (Image courtesy Starfysh)

Short-term mission teams from the U.S. work alongside locals on Starfysh projects.
(Image courtesy Starfysh)

Haiti (MNN) — God’s Word has plenty to say about teamwork and collaboration.

King Solomon penned in Ecclesiastes 4, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.” In Romans chapter 12, the apostle Paul says, “For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”

Gospel workers in Haiti recently came together with that type of unity in mind. Starfysh founder Dr. Steve Edmondson says, “We had gathered on La Gonave to share with each other what we were doing and look for ways that we might collaborate.”

Bringing ministry supplies through customs was a challenge noted by all.

“Moving supplies into country in Haiti is extremely difficult, fraught with a lot of delays and politics and what-have-you,” shares Edmondson.

As the leaders discussed this issue and more, Haiti’s former Director of Finance strolled into their meeting.

“He had direct dealings with the people in power of financial dealings in the country of Haiti,” explains Edmondson. The official gave a presentation to the group about how Haiti’s government impacts Gospel work and the importance of complying with Haitian law.

Dr. Steve Edmondson speaks with Haiti's former national director of finance.  (Image courtesy Starfysh)

Dr. Steve Edmondson speaks with Haiti’s former national director of finance.
(Image courtesy Starfysh)

“He and I really had substantive conversations about the next step in our young organization,” Edmondson says. “God is blessing our organization, and…knowing that we’re here for the long-run, we are looking for ways to be more credible among the people.”

Starfysh shares Christ’s love and compassion through holistic care. Their programs focus on creating an island economy, and providing quality nutrition, healthcare, and education. Find more details here.

Edmondson says one of his key takeaways from this meeting was the importance of registering Starfysh with the Haitian government. Not only would it give the group more credibility with locals, “it would give us better credibility at home in writing grants for our projects.”

Registration would also “grease the wheels of efficiency” in transporting Starfysh ministry supplies from the U.S. to La Gonave.

“We try to purchase all of our materials in Haiti whenever possible, but in some cases we just simply need to move supplies via container from the States,” Edmondson explains.

“[Registration] will really, really help us.”

Pray that Starfysh can register with the Haitian government soon. Pray that it will open doors and make Gospel work more efficient.

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