Start a new Easter tradition: get out of the pew

By April 6, 2012

International (MNN) — Thousands dead in Syria. Ongoing conflict in Egypt. New restrictive religion laws in Kazakhstan. A pastor on death row in Iran.

It's been a difficult year for news since last Easter.

But this Easter weekend, Ron Hutchcraft reminds us of some Good News, what he calls "the breaking news of all time:" Christ is risen.

And it's time to share.

Hutchcraft says every Christian is represented by one of the biblical figures at Easter. "We are all in the story."

For instance, says Hutchcraft, "Mary Magdalene represents that person who loves Jesus so much that they're loyal to Him when there seems to be no hope."

Mary's loyalty to Jesus, even in His death, allows her to see Jesus like no one else does, says Hutchcraft. Mary is the first one to see the risen Lord.

A second type of believer is Peter. "He's the person who's failed Christ," says Hutchcraft. People who have failed Jesus and feel there is no way back are represented by Peter.

Third are believers who are secret disciples of Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea was a member of the Sanhedrin who hid his faith in the Christ for fear of persecution.

Finally, there are Christians like Thomas. "He's the one who missed Jesus even though he'd been around Him for years," says Hutchcraft.

But by Easter Sunday, Mary saw Jesus' face and told others she had seen Him. Peter was sought out directly by the resurrected Christ. Joseph donated his tomb for Jesus, identifying himself permanently with Him. And Thomas cried out to Jesus, "My Lord."

Although they all came from different circumstances, once Jesus rose, these four all had something in common: they proclaimed the name of Christ.

Whichever one of these followers best represents you, this Easter season, respond by sharing the Good News. Hutchcraft Ministries can help.

"We want to help you know what your hope story is and how to tell it. We want to help you know how to get started in a natural way; a prayer you can pray every day that is virtually guaranteed to open doors for you; and how to explain what Jesus did for you in non-religious words that today's lost person can understand," says Hutchcraft.

The ministry even has a booklet specifically on Easter. To view "72 Hours that Rocked the World," click here. For all other faith-sharing information, click here.

Listen to Ron Hutchcraft's 10-minute inspiring Easter message on the topic of in this story here.

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