Starvation cult death toll climbs in Kenya

By April 26, 2023

Kenya (MNN) — The death toll linked to a starvation cult continues to climb as detectives unearth more shallow graves in Kenya.

Police have found dozens of bodies and a handful of survivors on property owned by cult leader Paul Mackenzie. The so-called Christian pastor allegedly told his followers to fast to death to meet Jesus.

“The thought of this man asking people to starve themselves to become more spiritual or closer to God is absolutely terrible,” AMG International’s Brian Dennett says.

Kenyan President William Ruto compared the allegations to terrorism on Monday, saying, “Terrorists use religion to advance their heinous acts.” The Kenyan Red Cross says at least 200 people have been reported missing.

AMG helps Kenyan families who are starving not by choice but by circumstance.

“Five-and-a-half million people are without adequate access to food and water this year, and almost a million children are expected to suffer from malnutrition,” Dennett says.

“The only meals some children eat [come from] our schools.”

Children at Precious Zawadi Academy in Kenya enjoy their lunch together.
(Photo, caption courtesy of AMG International)

Sponsorship makes it all possible. AMG’s child sponsorship program demonstrates the love of Christ to each child while gently guiding them into a relationship with the Savior. More about that here.

“One great way to help would be by sponsoring kids so we can get children into our schools. We can care for their health and ensure they’re well fed,” Dennett says.

Sponsor a child through AMG International to send help for today and hope for tomorrow.

“Anything we do, we do with the Gospel in mind, sharing our greatest hope – and that’s Jesus,” Dennett says.




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