Starving slum children receive food

By July 1, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — World Hope International (WHI) is helping people impacted by
the global food crisis in Haiti
and Sierra Leone. 

Children in the Cité Soleil slum in Haiti have
received a lot of attention because it was found that many were eating dirt in
order to survive. Cité Soleil, located in the city of Port-au-Prince, is one of
the worst slums in the world. 

It took WHI only two weeks to set up a feeding program at a
Wesleyan church and school in the slum, which is now feeding more than 100
children. For a few hours a day, these
children are able to learn and study in a refuge from the slum's dangerous and
miserable living conditions.   

Haiti is
the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere,
and over 80 percent of its population makes less than $2 a day. Almost half are illiterate, and two-thirds have
no formal employment. HIV/AIDS has
impacted Haiti more than any
other country in the Western Hemisphere. 

In Sierra
Leone, 70 percent of the people live below
the poverty line and make less than $2 a day. Like the people of Haiti,
they are also severely impacted by the global food crisis.  Families in several communities in Sierra Leone
praised the Lord joyfully when they received seed rice from WHI. They will have enough rice to feed themselves
and to sell to others. 

When WHI loans seeds to farmers in Sierra Leone,
the farmers repay the seeds after the first harvest, and WHI loans the new
seeds to more needy families. 300 Sierra
Leonean farmers received seed loans in 2007. For $35, you can supply seeds for farmers around the world. You can also sponsor a child for $30/month.

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