State of emergency covers Gaza; ministry moves toward unity

By June 15, 2007

Gaza (MNN) — Palestinian
President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah has decided to dismantle the Hamas-Fatah
coalition government in Gaza
under a state of emergency.

This comes after Hamas proved nearly successful in a complete
takeover of the Gaza Strip. A Hamas military victory in Gaza
would split Palestinian territory into two, with the Islamic extremists
controlling the coastal strip and Western-backed Fatah ruling the West Bank.

E3 Partners' Tom Doyle says the situation boiled over from
pent-up frustration over Hamas' inability to be the solution to the problems in
"They're unable to deliver on their promises, just like the Palestinian
Authority hasn't, and there's been growing frustration. So Hamas and Fatah,
which is the group from Palestinian Authority, are just fighting, and it's now a
chaotic situation."

Meanwhile, the European Commission has suspended
humanitarian aid destined for Gaza
because of the escalating violence. That's exacerbating an already severe
crisis for those caught in the crossfire. The chances for peace seem slim. Fatah promised a crushing reprisal attack, but thus far only a disorganized answer has been

Unity among Christians in the West Bank
is fractious. Doyle says they're
addressing that with a breakthrough conference that's coming in the next
month. Leaders are bathing it in
prayer.   "It's bringing Muslim
background believers, Christian background believer, and evangelical background
believers together–all three, for times of working together, praying,
forgiveness, moving forward. They want
to see the churches more integrated."

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