Steve Saint injured in test accident

By June 18, 2012

USA (MNN) — The son of noted missionary Nate Saint has been seriously injured in a test accident. 61-year-old Steve Saint, who founded I-Tec, was struck in the head while working on new technology last week.

I-Tec develops tools, technology, and training systems for indigenous God-followers to reach their own people with the Gospel of Christ through meeting their physical needs, according to I-Tec's Web site.

According to I-Tec's Facebook page, "Steve was conducting a test on a small aluminum airfoil mounted on a rolling test stand when it became unmounted and struck Steve in the head causing cuts to his head and resulting in whiplash. Currently, he has very limited movement capabilities in his arms and legs. Doctors suggest surgery in a few days to help relieve swelling around his spine. This accident was not Maverick Flying Car related, a car, or an aircraft accident."

The Maverick is a flying car Saint developed. It's fashioned after the paragliding technology. A mini car is suspended by a parachute, which is powered by a propeller in the rear of the car. The first Maverick is expected to be shipped to Australia this week where missionaries will be using it to reach the people in rural New Guinea.

Chief operating officer of I-Tec, Troy Townsend told that Saint had some feeling in his fingers and his toes. He says Saint may have surgery this week to relieve some of the pressure from his spine. One e-mail from I-Tec to supporters suggested, "This may end his career as a test pilot for the Maverick."

In the meantime, pray that Steve will regain all of the feeling in his limbs, and that he will fully recover.

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