How to stop child trafficking: pray, shop, give

By November 18, 2014
(Graphic cred: Family Christian via Facebook)

(Graphic credit Family Christian via Facebook)

Dominican Republic (MNN) — More than 1.2 million kids are bought and sold every year. Two-thirds of those worldwide transactions are for sexual slavery.

Next week, you can do three things to stop child trafficking in the Dominican Republic: pray, shop, and give.

“I’m gonna be as bold as I can and just say, ‘Help us!’ We need to get this work done,” says Family Christian Stores’ Steve Biondo.

“We need to press back darkness, we need to introduce the Gospel. There are all kinds of opportunities that the Lord puts in front of us. We would just ask folks to prayerfully consider this one.”

Step One: Pray

(Image courtesy Bethany)

(Image courtesy Bethany)

Family Christian and Destiny Rescue are teaming up to stop child trafficking in the DR. In the past, Family Christian has financially supported Destiny Rescue’s 5-part program. Now, they’re taking their partnership to another level. See what the project will involve here.

Prayer is the first and best way you can support their efforts to stop child trafficking.

“We have to recognize we are at war, as believers, and that our enemy is devouring lives,” Biondo notes.

Pray for victory as these ministries begin to push back the darkness of exploitation. Ask the Lord to protect His people from harm and to restore innocence to trafficking victims. Pray that people will support this project in whatever ways they’re able.

“God’s heart is for His Church to execute justice across the globe,” shares Biondo. “His heart is for the oppressed, and our God has called us to the same mission.”

Step Two: Shop

This time of year, there are two types of people: those who love buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones, and those don’t. No matter which side you fall on this season, the end result is life-saving.

(Graphic cred: Family Christian)

(Graphic credit Family Christian)

Starting Saturday, when you purchase something at one of Family Christian’s retail locations, you’ll become part of the effort to stop child trafficking in the DR.

See which location is closest to you.

“After we pay our expenses for labor, [to] keep the lights on and buy that product, the profits will be carved out and dedicated to this project,” Biondo explains.

If shopping’s really not your thing but you still want to help, don’t worry. There’s a third option.

Biondo shares, “The shopping works, but the giving also will multiply the effort and expedite the project.”

Step Three: Give

A third way you can help Family Christian and Destiny Rescue kick-off their project is by giving directly to their work. You can give $5 and wrap one of the rescued kids in a warm blanket, or help rescue a child for $100.

Learn more here.

(Graphic cred: Family Christian)

(Graphic credit Family Christian)

Sometimes even the smallest “suggested” financial gift can be a stretch; why not share this story with your Facebook friends or small group and make a donation together?

No matter which way the Lord leads you to get involved, it’s important to do something.

“This is our generation, this is our time, this is our watch, and we know these things to be true. We need to take deliberate action,” says Biondo.

“That’s what this project is all about: financial opportunity to make small donations that have a big impact, covering this project in prayer, and potentially even traveling to the Dominican Republic to help.”

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