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By April 23, 2014
MNN's Greg Yoder and RHM's Ron Hutchcraft in the Cornerstone University Radio studios.
MNN's Greg Yoder and RHM's Ron Hutchcraft in the Cornerstone University Radio studios.

MNN’s Greg Yoder and RHM’s Ron Hutchcraft in the Cornerstone University Radio studios.

USA (MNN) — Jesus used parables or stories to share truths of the Gospel. People can relate to stories. In the western world today, outreach leaders are telling us that young and old alike seem to respond better to stories as it relates to the Gospel. This is the approach Ron Hutchcraft Ministries is using and finding to be effective with the new Web site,

“What we’ve done is try to give tools to the body of Christ that will enable them to reach lost people as they really are today,” says ministry founder Ron Hutchcraft. doesn’t appear as a Ron Hutchcraft Ministries Web site because “it is totally for lost people,” explains Hutchcraft. “We have blogs on there. There are felt needs videos….life coaching kinds of things about stress, marriage, parenting, and meaning in life that leads to the Gospel.”

Hutchcraft says his team is always looking for new ways to share Christ. “Our meetings are all about how to get the Good News of Jesus to more lost people more effectively, faster, and better, because 150,000 people go into eternity every day in this world” with or without Jesus. is strategic. “It is set up for the believer who’s listening right now to be able to go to ‘Jim’ next to him at work, and have confidence that he will not be turned off and will be able to understand the Gospel in words he can understand, beginning with needs that Jim probably cares about.”

Hutchcraft says we’re closer to Christ’s return than ever before, and technology has something to do with it. “The technology explosion is what has enabled the 2,000-year-old prediction of Jesus to take place: the rapid explosion of sin, the rapid explosion of the Gospel. And it is technology that, I believe, is the medium that is fulfilling that prediction.” That’s why Ron Hutchcraft Ministries has put such a high priority on technology in evangelism.

He says as Christians, we’re in one of two camps. “You’re either going to be in the cold or the bold. There is no third group. Pick your group. If you ain’t bold, you’re cold! You gotta choose to say, ‘I want to be a part of the last great explosion of the Good News of Jesus Christ.'”

That choice could begin with your support of Ron Hutchcraft’s work in the United States and around the world.  Click here to support their work.

Another part of that choice could be to start sharing links to to introduce friends and relatives to the Gospel of Jesus.

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